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嘉  樂 Master Joseph
美國工商管理學碩士 加拿大管理學會會 M.B.A., C.I.M.M.(P.Mgr),
澳洲管理學會會員 塞蒲路斯市場學會會員 A.I.M.M., M.C.I.M

I was born in Hong Kong.  I completed a Master Degree of Business Administration in the late 1980s and became a member of the C.I.M.(Canadian Institute of Management) as a Professional Manager and of the A.I.M. (Australian Institute of Management).  I was Part of the Management Teams of some famous overseas banks for many years.  I was interested on Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Studies when I was Young.  Since 1992, I have been involved in Fortune and Feng Shui Telling and have helped solve emotional and relationship problems.  For many years now, I often travel to many places in China and overseas for Feng Shui consultation.  I have given many interviews with the press, on the radio and television: such as CNN USA, BBC UK, TVB (Jade), TVB (Pearl), Cable TV, RTHK, Newspaper and Magazines.

Interviewed at CNN U.S.A. in 2009
(Year of Ox) and 2011 (Year of Rabbit)
 Interview at RTHK (English) Hong Kong Radio
in 2000 (Year of Dragon)


Invited by the following Media and Organizations for Feng Shui and Fortune Telling :


.1998 Feb  TVB Pearl – Prediction for the Year of Tiger
.1999 Aug Italian TV – Palmistry analysis
.2000 May RTHK – Interview for Fortune Telling
.2000 Jul German TV - Chinese Culture & Palmistry
.2000 Sep Hong Kong Magazine - Interview
.2001 Feb Manila (GMA 7) TV – Interview and Palmistry Telling
.2002 Apr Tai Kung Pao Newspaper - Interview
.2005 Feb  BBC U.K. – Interview and Chinese Horoscope for the Year of Rooster.
.2005 Feb Hong Kong Broadband Network – Chinese New Year customs
.2005 Feb H.K. Cable TV – Chinese New Year Customs
.2006 Jan Sing Tao Newspaper - Fortune Telling for the World Sport Stars .
.2006 Jun H.K. Cable TV – Prediction for the Football World Championship 2006.
.2007 Mar TVB(Jade) – Chinese Name analysis.
.2007 Apr to Sep Japan Home (Living & Life Magazine) – Feng Shui Articles & Horoscopes
.2007 Oct to 08 Nov Mega Life Magazine – Feng Shui & Fortune Articles.
.2008 Feb  Sing Tao Newspaper - Sport Stars Fortunes at the Beijing Olympic Games 2008
.2009 Jan CNN USA – Feng Shui Prediction. US Forune, World Economy during the Year of Ox 2009, (Global Broadcast).
.2009 Apr & Jul  Fashion & Beauty Magazine–Horoscopes and Fortune Telling Articles.
.2010 Mar to 2011 Feb Guangdong Zhongshan Radio – Feng Shui Telling. Total : 45 Parts.
.2011 Feb CNN USA – Feng Shui Prediction.US Forune, World Economy during the Year of Rabbit 2011, (Global Broadcast).
.2012 Nov China News Service (CNS) interviews.
.2013 Jun RTHK- Interview for Feng Shui.
.2014 Sep Featured at Vox TV German for Chinese Astrology.
2015 Feb CNN USA – Feng Shui Prediction.US Fortune, World Economy during the Year of Goat 2015, (Global Broadcast).
2016 Jan Zhongshan Radio-Chinese Horoscope for the Year of Monkey 2016.
2017 Jan Interviewed by Oriental & Apple Daily for the prediction of Hong Kong Fortune 2017 and Hong Kong Chief Executive Election.
2017 May TVB 8 (Face Reading)
2017 Dec U.K. Channel 4 TV

From 2012.1 to 2014.1 :

Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Talks at Radio:
Guangdong Zongshan Radio (Chinese Astrology) 2012.Jan to 2014.Jan
Feng Shui Tellings for houses and properties. Total: 45 Parts. 2010 Mar to 2011 Feb

Feng Shui Articles & Monthly Horoscopes:
Japan Home (Living & Life Magazine) - Feng Shui Articles & Horoscopes . 2007 Apr to Sep
Mega Life Magazine - Feng Shui & Fortune Tellings Articles. 2007 Oct to 08 Nov.
China Mail Magazine (Zhongshan) 2012.Jan to 2014 Jan

Feng Shui Class:
Taught at Y.M.C.A. Headquarter (Young Women Christian Association, No. 1, Macdonnell Road) in May and September, 2000.

Seminars: Invited by famous organizations and companies for holding Feng Shui and/or Fortune Telling Seminars


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