Palmistry is based on the lines, fingers, thickness to the palm, skins etc. to analyze your fortune for Emotion, Career, Health, Marriage as well as your Character.

Face Reading(面相)

Face Reading is to analyze the fortune from childhood to elderly, which years will bring good luck and which years will have bad luck. Fortune for marriage life, late life, career and relationship with your kids can be predicted.

Tsu Wei Astrology(Tsu Wei Horoscope)is one of the famous schools for the detailed analysis of the fate in the ancient Chinese system.Tsu Wei Star represents the Emperor. The Tsu Wei Horoscope consists of nearly 120 stars which are situated at the Northern Ladle (dipper)and Southern Ladle(dipper) of the universe. This was firstly introduced by the Taoism leader (呂純陽) in ancient China.Until the Sung Dynasty,Mr.Chan Hay Yee(陳希夷), a scientist, rationalized all the stars and details. During the Ming Dynasty and Ching Dynasty,Tsu Wei Astrology became more popular among the people.

Bascd on the Birth Year,Month, Day and Time,we can compute a Birth Chart which has 12 houses(palaces):fate of your life,brother and sister,spouse,children,wealth, health,travel,friends,careers,properties,fortune and parents.The stars will be allocated to houses according to your Birthday. Each star has its own character and interpretation. With the stars organized in houses, we can read and understand your fate.

Brith Chart

Fortune Telling through Internet:

  1.  Photocopy of Your Palm
  2.  Photo : Face, Side and Whole Body
  3.  Birthday : Year, Month, Day and Time (If you have)
Please send the above information to the following
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Consultant Fees:  HK$3,800.-
Report will be sent to you within Two Weeks.


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